Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Chimney Repair?

does homeowners insurance cover chimney repair

Homeowners insurance protects your main residence, detached structures, and more. However, does homeowners insurance cover chimney repair?

If you don’t understand the inclusions and exclusions of homeowners insurance well, you won’t be able to manage risks properly. You might also have to spend more than you should. 

This is why it’s important to ask relevant questions like, “Does homeowners insurance cover chimney repair?”

It all depends on the damage. Lightning and other unexpected incidents are usually covered, but natural wear and tear aren’t.

In this article, we’ll help you learn what a homeowners insurance policy usually includes, what chimney damages are included and excluded, and how you can keep your chimney well-maintained. Moreover, we’ll guide you on what to do if you experience chimney damage and have to file an insurance claim.

By learning these things, you’ll know what to expect and how you can save on costs.


What Does a Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage for your personal belongings, the home’s structure, including your chimney, living expenses, and liability protection.

  • Personal belongings: You usually get coverage for stolen or destroyed items due to fire and natural disasters. Examples include clothes, furniture, collectibles, and other personal items.
  • Home’s structure: Homeowners insurance will cover repairs or rebuilding of homes that have suffered from hurricanes, lightning, fire, and other disasters indicated in the policy. Detached structures, like gazebos and garages, are often covered too.  
  • Liability: You will also receive liability coverage against expensive and stressful lawsuits, injuries a visitor gets from your dog’s bite, or property damage you or your family cause to others.
  • Living expenses: Do you need to vacate your house while it’s rebuilt or repaired after a covered event? You could get coverage for hotel accommodation, food, and other related costs.

Is Chimney Repair Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Chimney Damages That Homeowners Insurance Covers

If your chimney gets damaged due to covered events, then you will get chimney repair coverage. These include lightning strikes, chimney fires, and damage due to falling trees.



What happens if lightning strikes your chimney? Does homeowners insurance cover chimney repair for this?

It does, including the damage to your home if the chimney collapses.


Chimney Fires

Your wood stove or fireplace might cause a chimney fire. Similar to a house fire, you can get insurance coverage for chimney fires.

According to Gitnux, around 14,000 chimney fires happen in the U.S. per year. However, chimney fires due to negligence and maintenance issues are not covered. 

That is why it’s best to have your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned once per year.

Both lightning and chimney fires are sudden and unexpected events. Insurance policies usually don’t cover “expected” types of chimney damage due to neglect.


Damage From Falling Trees

Has a tree fallen and caused damage to your chimney? Homeowners insurance will cover the repair and get rid of the tree.


Chimney Damages Excluded in Homeowners Insurance

Insurance providers won’t always cover chimney repairs, especially if there are issues with neglect and maintenance.


Poor Maintenance and Neglect

If you neglected your chimney or didn’t take the necessary steps to keep it well-maintained, you can expect these types of damage:

  1. Fires due to excess buildup of creosote
  2. A leaning chimney
  3. Water problems from chimney crowns, chimney caps, and chimney flashings
  4. Deteriorating bricks and mortar
  5. Localized house fires from broken chimney liners
  6. Interior damage because of acidic creosote


Due for Improvements

If your chimney leans because of a fallen tree, homeowners insurance can cover the repair. However, if the chimney was leaning even before that tree fell, homeowners insurance may not cover the repair.


Usual Wear and Tear and Other Problems

Got a chimney that’s over 100 years old? If so, you can’t expect to receive homeowners insurance coverage for it.

Moreover, if you’re trying to get rid of dirt with a backhoe and end up ruining your chimney, you won’t receive assistance from a homeowners insurance carrier.


How to Properly Maintain Your Chimney and Prevent Damage

Homeowners insurance can protect you from sudden and expected unexpected events, but there are several exceptions. Maintain your chimney properly so you can prevent unnecessary damage and avoid stressful processes. 

  • Schedule annual inspections: By performing a chimney inspection every year, you can promptly spot signs of damage and resolve them before things get worse and more dangerous.
  • Sweep annually: Experienced and well-trained chimney sweeps know how to take care of flammable creosote and keep a clean chimney flue. You can then avoid chimney fires.   
  • Do not delay repairs: Addressing chimney repairs early on can prevent safety issues, more serious problems, and expensive repairs. At Detroit Brick Co., our expert masons will use cutting-edge equipment and proven techniques to address your chimney repair and restoration needs.


What to Do If You Experience Chimney Damage and Need to File an Insurance Claim

If your chimney has been damaged and you have to file an insurance claim, make sure you understand the inclusions and exclusions in your homeowners insurance policy. Moreover, before filing a claim with the insurance provider, have your chimney inspected first. 

At Detroit Brick Co., we ensure thorough inspection, so we can determine the issues and the best solution. You can also use the report for documentation purposes and experience a smoother claim process.


Final Thoughts

Homeowners insurance covers chimney repairs for sudden and unexpected events like lightning and chimney fires. Meanwhile, chimney damage because of poor maintenance, neglect, and wear and tear are not covered.

Want to experience impressive chimney repair with long-lasting results? Detroit Brick Co. has the best tools, techniques, and team to satisfy your chimney and other masonry needs. 

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