Discover the 5 Most Popular Brick Styles in the Metro Detroit Area

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Brick has long been a favored building material for both its durability and timeless appeal. Homeowners in the Metro Detroit area have no shortage of stylish brick options to choose from when seeking to enhance their property’s exterior. From classic to contemporary, there’s a brick style to suit every taste and architectural design.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 most popular brick styles in the Metro Detroit area. These sought-after styles reflect the region’s varied architectural landscape and offer a wealth of inspiration for homeowners embarking on an exterior upgrade. Discover the unique characteristics of each brick style, as well as tips and ideas for incorporating them into your home’s facade. Let Detroit Brick Co. guide you in selecting the ideal brick style to elevate your property’s curb appeal for years to come.

1. Red Brick: Classic and Timeless

The first and most popular brick style in the Metro Detroit area is the classic red brick. This attractive deep-red brick is versatile and complements a wide range of architectural styles, from historic homes to modern construction. The rich, warm tones of red brick can create a striking and welcoming exterior, making it the top choice for homeowners looking to maintain a traditional charm.

There are several shades and textures of red brick available, from smooth and uniform to rough-hewn and rustic. To create visual interest, consider mixing red bricks with different finishes or patterns, such as herringbone, basket weave, or stack bond. The durability and low-maintenance nature of red brick adds to its appeal, making it a long-lasting and attractive option for your home’s exterior.

2. Glazed Brick: Colorful and Unique

Glazed bricks boast a ceramic coating that imparts an eye-catching sheen and vibrant color to the classic masonry material. The striking appearance of glazed bricks sets them apart from other brick styles, earning them a spot among the most popular brick styles in Metro Detroit.

Available in an array of colors, glazed bricks allow homeowners to make a bold statement while also enjoying the benefits of traditional masonry. Additionally, the glazed surface offers enhanced protection against weather, moisture, and stains, providing both an aesthetic and practical advantage. Glazed bricks can be used to create striking accents or to cover entire exteriors, depending on your desired level of impact.

3. Whitewashed Brick: Airy and Bright

Whitewashed brick is another highly popular brick style in the Metro Detroit area. This style involves applying a thin layer of white paint or lime wash to the exterior brick surface, resulting in a weathered and charming appearance. Whitewashing allows the original texture of the brick to show through while adding brightness and a sense of airiness to your home’s exterior.

Whitewashed brick is ideal for homeowners seeking a more contemporary or coastal vibe while still enjoying the natural appeal of brick. This versatile style can be adapted to different levels of opacity and sheen, granting homeowners the flexibility to customize the finish to their taste. To maintain the fresh appearance of whitewashed brick, keep in mind that periodic touch-ups may be necessary over time.

4. Thin Brick Veneer: Flexible and Lightweight

Thin brick veneer has gained popularity in the Metro Detroit area for its unique blend of flexibility and lightweight characteristics. As a durable, non-load-bearing alternative to full-size brick, thin brick veneers boast the same attractive appearance and texture of conventional bricks but are easier to install, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to revamp their exteriors without the hassle of structural adjustments.

Available in various colors, sizes, and textures, thin brick veneers can be adapted to virtually any design aesthetic and installed over various surfaces, including wood, concrete, and steel. Additionally, thin brick veneers can also be utilized for interior applications, such as accent walls or fireplace surrounds, maintaining design continuity throughout your home.

5. Reclaimed Brick: Eco-friendly and Distinctive

For homeowners in the Metro Detroit area concerned about sustainability and environmental impact, reclaimed brick is an increasingly popular choice. Sourced from demolition sites, reclaimed bricks are cleaned and repurposed for new construction, lending an aged, character-filled appearance to your home’s exterior while minimizing waste.

Reclaimed bricks often display an attractive patina, unique color variations, and signs of historical use, adding a layer of visual interest and charm that new bricks cannot replicate. This style is particularly well-suited to historic or rustic homes, although the eco-friendly aspect may also appeal to modern homeowners seeking a touch of authenticity within a sustainable construction. Keep in mind that availability and consistency of reclaimed bricks can vary, so be prepared for a more eclectic look with these beautiful materials.

Choosing the Right Brick Style for Your Home

The brick style you select for your home should be a reflection of your personal taste and the architectural style of your property. When evaluating your options, consider factors such as maintenance requirements, insulation capabilities, and the level of customization you desire. Additionally, consulting with an experienced masonry professional like Detroit Brick Co. can offer invaluable insight and guidance, ensuring you make the best choice for your home’s exterior.

The Metro Detroit area offers an array of stunning and popular brick styles, from the timeless appeal of red brick to the contemporary elegance of whitewashed brick. By examining the characteristics and advantages of each style, you’ll be better equipped to transform your home’s exterior into a reflection of your unique vision and aesthetic sensibilities.

Discover the Ideal Brick Style for Your Metro Detroit Home

Metro Detroit boasts a diverse array of popular brick styles to suit every taste and architectural preference. From classic red brick to eco-friendly reclaimed brick, these styles offer homeowners countless opportunities to enhance their property’s exterior and create a lasting impression. Choosing the right brick style involves considering factors such as maintenance, insulation, versatility, and overall appearance, as well as consulting with experienced professionals.

Detroit Brick Co. is your trusted partner in creating a stunning and durable exterior for your home. Our expert team will help you navigate the available brick styles, offer advice on choosing the perfect match for your home, and deliver exceptional workmanship in your transformation project. Contact Detroit Brick Co. today to schedule a consultation and bring your dream exterior to life.

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